Saturday, March 15, 2008

sri lanka to buy 5 mig-29s from russia?

a mig -29
pic from wikipedia

"sri lanka is in advanced talks with russia over the procurement of five mig-29 fighter aircraf" says jane's.

see here for present sri lanka air force fleet.

questions that should be asked about this purchase concern their utility and cost effectiveness; what are they for? how will they help in the fight against ltte terrorists? can sl afford them? etc. ( i do not have the expertise to discuss them)

but instead this latest purchase will almost certainly lead to another round of politically motivated and unsubstantiated hot air about corruption. in blogosphere, bloggers like that hypocrite indi (who continues to be in denial about his other blog under name padashow) are likely to parrot idiotic allegations about corruption, even though almost everything he said about mig-27 deal was false. well i suppose hypocrites will remain hypocrites and as they say there is no cure for idiocy.

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yes i am back. sort of. "project" which took me away is almost finished successfully. :-) will get back to form here in the next few weeks


Hakim said...

The Mig-29s to be bought are one Mig-29UB and four Mig-29SMs. The UB variant is the 2 seater trainer variant and lacks radar, cannons and guided air to surface weapons capabilities. The SM variant is a Air superiority fighter with additional capabilities to carry guided air to surface weapons, larger fuselage and active jamming to counter radars.

Anonymous said...

Finally we seem to be thinking ahead, so suppose the 29s will be used with highly accurate air to ground missiles for more accurate pricition targeting.
I dont see the nessasity to aquire these for the intercepter role as the new F-7Gs can take care of the LTTE landmasters without a problem with the BVR radar attack system

Anonymous said...

the sl airforce blog you linked to says the mig29 deal is a scam by the president's family to make more money

also says that the F7G interceptors can shoot ltte zlins.

Anonymous said...

MIG 29 is a modern day fighter.
With upgrades available now it can be used as a hightech multirole, which means ground attack is covered with better technology for precition targets.The mig 27s and the Kfirs can do it but the technology is a bit less supperior. Besides the Mig 29s have better range than the 27 or the Kfir. we can afford 4 aircraft and its good for the SLAF Pilots morale too . Dont forget evan Bangladesh has 29s .

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Sittingnut. Hope to see some more writings soon. The SL blogosphere has been overrun by turds (such as Indi, goundviews et al) in your absence.

Anonymous said...

The Bangladeshi Mig29 acquisition has turned out to be a bad deal. They are trying to get rid if them.
We need more surveillance aircraft, and more armed vehicles for the northern terrain which is heavily mined. The SLAF suddenly is a political show piece which performs high profile attacks and mesmerizes the hungry hordes.

Prathibha Gamage said...

will b another good move to uplift the moral of SL Forces