Friday, October 14, 2005

why do we like rainy days?

title is a bit presumptuous of me, it should read 'why do i love rainy days?' but i like it better as it is.

anyway i love days like the past few.

part of it may have to do with a particular rainy september long time ago when i was 13. in a two or three week period that year due to extended school holidays i found myself alone at home and discovered the pleasures of reading( little women, jane eyre, and a children's(but complete) bible were the first). of course i have read before, but this was somehow different. since then rainy days meant reading and with each day memories have become accumulated and reinforced to a such a extent that sound of rain outside, feel of a couch, and emotions generated by characters from beloved novels have all become one irresistible sensation.

then there are the physical sensations and connected memories. why is it that a little relative drop in temperature almost doubles one's sense of touch? i used to think this was not a common phenomenon but have since confirmed that others (perhaps not all) experience the same. there is no better day to make love and to hold one's beloved tightly to oneself. i heard it somewhere that at rainy periods poetry submissions to newspapers trebles. in fact all kinds of sensations seems to get heightened by rain (as long as one doesn't get drenched of course :-)) for instance i love the feel of cigarette smoke on such days though i am not a smoker. if i ever start smoking it would certainly be on a rainy day.

even though one's senses work overtime one feels not the slightest reason to do any 'real' work. it's not exactly sloth but one just don't want to get up and do anything. one feels bored by the movies and the news, earthquakes and elections notwithstanding, one lets emails pile up because the whispering sound of the pc becomes bothersome, but on the other hand one doesn't want to sleep. i was up for the last 22 hours doing absolutely nothing except reading occasionally, but am still wide awake. in fact i am writing this to feel tired.

i know this post is filled with contradictions and is probably stupidly vain. if so it's ironic that not long ago i called someone 'ostentatiously vain' among other things because of a post in a blog.
well, on rainy days one has to be self indulgent and forget logic.


Aash said...

First – this is a very nice post…. A beautiful difference from the stuff we always see around. Second - the rain is good in many ways except for a few facts like traveling in this country becomes twice as hard, drying your clothes is almost impossible and sometimes the rain can get you off a good mood. But reading your blog somehow shows the nicer side of what could otherwise be termed dull and gloomy.


SpectralCentroid said...

dude... i absolutely agree... nice post... but can't imagine you not sleeping 22 hours on a rainy day :).. for me and for a lot pf people i know, rainy days provide the most complete sleeping experience....

ddm said...

True that. I love Sri Lankan rain, but i've lived in england for 3 years for uni and I hate hate hate english rain! It just makes me gloomy and puts me in a puk mood. There's something dynamic and exciting about Sri Lankan rain, but nothing of the sort in england, it's just chiri chiri, poda poda, ugh can't stand it. Another thing in SL is the smell you get whilst it's raining and soon afterwards, it's so nice and fresh, I feel as if the earth has been reborn after each shower. Soon after rain is the perfect time to go for a stroll down the road. Sigh, i miss home :(

Electra said...

you gotta love the rain. the rain here is a welcome change from the usually stifling heat.but, essentially im a sun lover and cant do without it for too long. i start missing it. rainy days make me want to stay in and doesnt really make me feel like doing anything, which gets depressing after awhile. i cant deny that i love getting soaked to the skin though.

should i quote you from when you called me ostentatious and vain? :)

great post.