Sunday, October 09, 2005

so called liberal party's freedom of expression!

lanka citizen 'blog' has just published it's parent, the so called liberal party of sri lanka's media policy.

and it includes among other platitudes the following provision.

The enactment of Legislation to ensure to any person the right of reply, with equal weightage for such reply.

as i posted earlier 'lanka citizen' itself does not give the right of reply. what kind of a hypocritical party is this? do they have a right to call themselves liberals? one is reminded of extreme nationalist (almost fascist) 'liberal democratic' party in russia. only these fellows have minuscule support.

even the so called 'liberals' are welcome to comments here.


dextr said...

I'm not a bloody liberal, but dude, the only reason you want Lanka Citizen shut down because it's not kissing UNP's ass.

sittingnut said...

dextr whoever accused you of being a 'liberal' in any sense of the word? anyway i am glad you are defending 'lanka citizen'!

dextr said...
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