Saturday, October 08, 2005

when is a blog not a blog?

if you get the latest posts in sl blogosphere through kottu you would have noticed the posts from lanka citizen (from so called liberal party of sl). last time i checked 6 of the last 10 entries at kottu were from this blog.

now i have no objection to very frequent updates of one's blog or expression of extreme political views in one's blog. but the difference in lanka citizen blog is that it closes the comments for all posts from the start. when this happens it ceases to be a blog and becomes a propaganda website and imo should not be included in the 'blogroll'. even the unp's blog allowed comments though it was far from perfect, read about that here.

it is of course up to administrators of kottu to decide and they are free to do whatever they want (btw we are also very thankful for their service). but on the other hand we are free to protest.

i have also sent a email on this to indi AT which is the contact address in kottu.

what's your opinion?


LG said...

My opinion - if comments are disabled, it is NOT a blog.

dextr said...


Nama said...

You're just upset because one of the articles was critical of the UNP.


ivap said...

Seems like "lankacitizen" doesn't want the Liberal Party's views to be critisized.

What is a liberal who doesn't like free and open discussion ?

Jack Point said...


sittingnut said...

i received a clarification about kottu policy from indi. from email:

As far as Kottu is concerned the only requirements is that you're Sri Lankan, (semi) original, and have an RSS feeds. People, in general, are free to edit or completely block all comments cause its their personal space. I don't really agree with Lanka Citizen, but as long as it doesn't break the layout I'm OK

and lastnode has posted about kottu policy here

i thank them for the clarification.

as i said in my post it's upto kottu administrators to decide on policy for their very appreciated service.

that doesn't of course mean what 'lanka citizen' does is acceptable. we will have to do something about that.

sittingnut said...

are you connected with 'lanka citizen'?
as you can see, you are free to comment about my supposed pathetic state here. so why not allow comments there as well. or are you and liberal party afraid of criticism as ivap said? sad indeed.

indi said...

posted a response as to why blogs are free to delete or moderate comments. Blogs are intrinsicly personal spaces, and the blogger (or organization) has full control over every word that's displayed on their site.

Blogs aren't obligated to publish comments any more than the Daily Mirror is. Acting like they do displays a fundamental misunderstanding of what a blog is.

Post: Blog-Eka?

Hithala Balanna said...

Dear Lanka "Libertarian"

Why are you getting so hysterical over somebody's blog? Just because some of the posts are critical of the UNP you don't have to go off the deep end and rant and rave (unless of course the UNP is your lover, in which case you would be one sad little sap). You may enjoy licking UNP boots for a living but please don't expect everyone to follow you like blind sheep, because Sri Lanka is a democracy after all. And I find it quite funny how you scream about what a "libertarian" you are but here you are throwing a tantrum and wanting rules and regulations (only your ones of course!) to be in place. What a laugh.

The only one being a facist around here is you - "It's my way or the highway"

Grow up and stop sulking you little spoiled brat.

sittingnut said...

hithana balana:
funny that these 'liberals' defending 'lanka citizen' are all anonymous.
any way you would do well to think instead of posting silly personal attacks and then advance some rational arguments.

while you are at it know that it is only because these comments are open that you made a fool of yourself. so let others make fools of themselves on your blog, or are you afraid of fools?

what i think of unp is posted elsewhere on this blog if you care to read.
as for rules and regulations where and what are you talking about?

thanks for response. i will comment on it there.