Tuesday, September 27, 2005

odds and ends - two


was going to write a full post about this but since electra, scourge, prem(dreamwizard) and yes lastnode has written brilliantly about it, i thought mine will be just superfluous, especially since unlike most of them i attended only on the final day. in addition to above, check out the fantastic photos at dreamwizard's flicker set.

anyway it was a great show. venue(galle face green) was great. there were great beautiful flags decorating the place. crowd was great and went wild and even the food ...well tasted great. all round great.
the finale was just unbelievable.
we want more of this.

international elections cont.

poland has joined others (see odds and ends one) in electing a crunchy reform minded center right government. even though like in germany the reform parties lost votes because of their radical program(which again like in germany included a flat tax) they bravely stuck to it. in poland luckily those lost votes went to a soggy center right party. so all is well. who will be next?

sulaga anu pinisa

with film corporation supposedly withdrawing this film from its theaters and the producer withdrawing it completely in protest on the day i was going to watch it, have i lost my last chance to see it for several years? or was all of it a bad publicity stunt?

comedy of lastnode

the blogger lastnode/mahagu/... is also a journalist , undergrad and a geek ( at least trying to be in all three cases). he also has a rather interesting ( or more correctly hilarious ) past (probably some of it unknown to his numerous blogger friends) hidden in the internet. i will probably write a post on that but since the fellow is acting in a unstable way towards me at present will wait a little. if any body is impatient, try some specific googling it won't take long to find the relevant results i am talking about. 10 minutes at most.
anyway to explain the present comic situation. after reading his post about underage alcohol laws and the first few comments i felt i had to post a dissenting opinion to all that moralistic gibberish. it eventually developed in to a regular debate. and they probably were having the better of it( you be the judge).
but lastnode in an effort to give authority to some of his arguments cited a reference to one of plato's works. but since this reference was probably taken from some second rated text book he is studying at present and not from the original source(which he probably haven't even read then) it was plain wrong. he probably thought that because most people are not interested in philosophy or ancient greek politics everyone is not interested too. this btw is a common mistake among socialists. lawmakers, judges, moralists , priests and other type of generalizers.
to continue i pointed out the mistake but the fellow continued to make other references to ancient athens and its democracy in order to show off his knowledge but almost all of them were wrong. you can judge for yourself here. when i in turn pointed out these errors the whole thing became more personal and finally the thread was closed by him with a personal insult to me.
i of course protested this at a another thread in a relevant way. then the fellow completely lost it and is at present actively trashing his own blog under the names (Fact Libertarian, libertarian-2, lanka-libertarian2, liberty machan, Lanka-libertarian-too, Fuckwit, nit-wit, etc) in an effort to .... actually i have no idea what the silly boy wants by such activity. even the anon nutters at nittewa act more sensibly.


Niroshan said...

Sulanga Enu Pinisa:

Things seem to be a bit confusing right now with Sannasgala saying he is withdrawing it but National Film Corporation saying they will continue to screen it because it's an International Award winning film!

Frankly, I am not sure what's happening but I regret not being able to watch it too.
But hey, who thought this sort of chaos would happen?

Keshi said...

I dun much like politics and political movies..hehe...thats me. Is Sulanga Enu Pinisa such a movie?


SpectralCentroid said...

well.. i went through the two threads on lastnode... "peripatetic" sort of makes some sense on certain things doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

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