Wednesday, September 21, 2005

another september ritual?

sri lankan blogosphere is at the moment full of posts about people going away or being left behind (some of them truly heartbreaking) after summer to continue their studies abroad. i wouldn't be surprised if within the next two months we will have a new crop of bloggers making use of their university facilities. is this the start of a new september ritual?

one is reminded of pre 1993 internet when the newbies flooded in every september with the start of the college year. that of course ended with aol offering usenet access, resulting in eternal september.

anyway september bloggers (if any) welcome!

btw why is it that there are comparatively less sri lankan bloggers from states than from say uk, australia or canada?


Savi said...

I dont think there are any particular 'september' bloggers in SL blogosphere,not so far anyway...

Most of the bloggers here have been introduced into the blogosphere by a friend/contact already in blogosphere whilst they were in SL, and they blog regularly regardless as to whether they in uni or SL... :)

ashanthi said...

Sittingnut - you're not a Uni Studi are you????

I was thinking more like genius, guru, grandmaster ..

My turn to tease you ... :-)

ivap said...

er, in Oz the academic year starts in Feb. We are normal eventhough it's at the arse end of the world.

Electra said...

sorry if its been a little long-suffering. :)

tandyprehiem61350405 said...

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Mephistopheles1981 said...

This is probably why my whole blogging experiment began to, when September comes around I need to find new reasons for procastination :) You got a nice setup here sittingnut! Cheerio.

sittingnut said...

savi: you are probably right.

ashanthi: no i am not a 'Uni Studi'.
as for being 'genius, guru, grandmaster..' hmmmm. :-)

ivap: normal to start in feb(last or arse of the year according to old roman calender)?

electra:don't be sorry:-)

tandyspam: f.. off!

devil1981: thanks!

Keshi said...

no idea...maybe US has better things to do? lol!