Sunday, October 18, 2009

calling all conspiracy theorists: conspiracy theory needed to explain why "sinhalese government" want to hold "tamils" in "concentration camps"

sanjana hattotuwa (groundviews/infoshare) will give not 1 but 2 cameras for a successful conspiracy theory that explains why "sinhalese government" want to keep "tamils" in "illegal" "concentration camps"/"gulags" "indefinitely". furthermore since such a prize was deemed to be unethical and seem pander to selfishness, he would also donate big macs to next "tamil" "hunger striker" in britain protesting "sinhalese" government's treatment of tamils. by participating you can be both selfish and selflessly help the "cause" at the same time.while others mainly from formerly peacenik ngo community ranging from sanjana hattotuwa to indi.padashow have more or less accused government of wanting to keep "tamils" in "concentration camps"/"prisons" "indefinitely" they have failed to answer the question "why?". what does "sinhalese government" expect from this massive and expensive effort to keep 300,000 "tamils" in "gulags"?

your theory must answer that question bc others have failed miserably (so miserably that they are reduced to censoring "nuts" asking "why?" whenever they say this.) you must help stop their misery.

are the "tamils" going to be killed in a genocide? or sold in to slavery perhaps?

let your imagination run wild in order to effectively counter "propaganda" by "sinhalese government".
government claims that, what it calls "welfare villages", are required to house internally displaced persons (idp) until, damaged infrastructure is rebuilt (you know roads, schools, and police stations, etc.), land mines are cleared, and what they call "tamil tiger terrorist murderers" who have infiltrated are screened out. yes, nobody dedicated to the "cause" believes any of that; after all ltte selflessly developed infrastructure, never laid a mine, and all of them were martyred with their sainted leader. that, as sanjana hathutuwa testifies daily, is the holy truth . but remember average person is an idiot and easily misled by the might of highly competent "sinhalese government's" propaganda machine; look at the election results.

so help provide the "why"! help likes of sanjana hattotuwa to face that question "why" unflinchingly in future!

in addition to providing a comprehensive answer to the "why", the successful theory must follow the guidelines below. (read any post in or on the subject, and observe how scrupulously they follow these guidelines.)

  • ignore the legality of camps and their similarity to others camps for displaced people in emergency situations. you must try to make it appear that they are illegal by calling them "illegal" repeatedly and referring to ppl there as "imprisoned".
  • you must always refer to what sri lankan government call "welfare villages" as "concentration camps". or if it is impossible to make the analogy given the total dissimilarity between say nazi concentration camps and these, you should refer to them as "camps similar to ones where united states government interned japanese americans during world war II", or "internment camps" for short. never mind that here too there are no similarities. most ppl have no idea about american incident, and you are free to assume that those who fall for conspiracy theories like this will not bother to check the accuracy of this analogy.
  • you must not refer to the fact that hundreds of thousands "tamils" in east were resettled by the "sinhalese government". ignore the fact they too lived for months in "internment camps" before being resettled. you must completely ignore those camps and ppl, bc making any comparison will be counterproductive to success of conspiracy theory. follow the great example of indi.padashow who once railed against government for existence of 600,000 displaced in east (in reality fellow-traveler-for-the-cause, indi exaggerated, it was less than half of that), but who now deliberately ignore the government's resettlement of vast majority of them so that he can rail against government for keeping 300,000 displaced in camps in north. selective amnesia is a must for any self respecting conspiracy theorist.
  • you are free make use of your imagination to exaggerate, or simply make up, the sufferings of "tamils" in these "internment camps". you can say they are malnourished (ignore all facts pointing otherwise and lack of food riots etc.); you can say they have no medicines ( ignore that there is no record of any above average incidents of disease, or any outbreaks of epidemics, so common in other emergency camps) , you can say there are abuses of all kinds (you don't have to substantiate any of them) , exaggerate the flooding ( ignore that it was minor and all those affected were quickly given shelter. do not refer to the fact that thousands of sri lankans outside the "camps"who were more severely affected by flooding (in this case and annually) would count it lucky to receive even half of the care given to those inside. etc etc.)
  • you must not refer to active involvement of various united nations agencies in the management and funding of these "illegal prisons" as in other camps around the world from italy to africa . you have to ensure that questions like the following do not pop up in minds of consumers of the conspiracy theory; "if they are illegal and sinister, why is united nations paying for them?". while ppl receptive to such theories are on average ... idiots, that is no guarantee that such questions will not occur even to them.
  • you must refer to ppl in camps as "tamils" without any qualifications and imply this is the fate of all tamils in sri lanka . on no account should you refer to millions of other tamils living in sri lanka who are not "imprisoned ".
  • sri lankan government should be always referred to as either "sinhalese government" or "sinhalese dominated government". fact that majority of freely elected parliamentarians from all minority communities in sri lanka are in government should be ignored. do not even mention the "traitors" in tna once closely associated with our "departed comrades" and other militant groups, but now cooperating with government.
  • you should make sure to imply that motives of people in sri lanka are primarily defined by their race. you must imply that almost all "sinhalese" support the "genocidal" intentions of government, while tamils always support of "freedom fighting" tamil tigers. try to generate sympathy for people like sanjana hattotuwa, a sinhalese ( as he keeps on repeating) "branded" as a "traitor" by "sinhalese" for supporting, believing in, and parroting "tamil tiger freedom fighters".
  • on no account should you imply that ppl opposed to ltte have motives other than "genocide" of "tamils". ignore or if possible denigrate their other stated motives; such as support for a realistic sustainable peace (achieved by defeating an armed criminal gang), bringing justice, ensuring human rights for all (including right to life), giving everyone ability to freely elect representatives to sri lankan democracy, etc. etc .

pilrukshi pissunnetti (not to be confused with dilrukshi handunnetti)
shamtvi boiled (not to be confused with sharmini boyle)
assman pathsekera (not to be confused with lakshman gunasekera)
balaka gandawardene (not to be confused with nalaka gunawardene)
screech scroor (not to be confused with shreen saroor)

anyway follow the guidelines and win the prize! and don't forget the big macs for the hunger striker!

i know that in the past some ppl ( notably david blacker "the novelist" lol) have demonstrated an inability to understand the meaning of posts like above. hence this note. do you get it now?

note 2
i have explained my real thoughts on idp camps several times elsewhere, but not in a post in this blog, so here is a brief,

i think screening for ltte operatives should be expedited and camps should be closed. ppl in them should be allowed to fend for themselves with no, or at most minimal, assistance. let them take their chances with failed infrastructure and land mines. government and other sri lankans are not obligated to provide welfare to these ppl over and above what others receive. i am in fact opposed to all welfare.

i think current sl government is acting in good faith but misguided. like all leftist governments they think they are doing good by trying to provide welfare to these ppl. they are wasting money in reality. they are unintentionally creating a dependant mindset, as they did with some victims of tsunami (few of those linger on camps even now to receive government welfare).

i also think that there is some individual corruption (always there when politicians and their appointees are allowed to spend public money), some purely political motives (to create a base for ruling party's political allies by "winning hearts and minds", and creating patronage relationships), and lots of red tape.

as such, i think sincere critics of these idp camps should focus on corruption, politics, and red tape involved, and ditch the silly conspiracy theories. no chance of that happening with insincere critics like sanjana or indi.

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Anonymous said...

Nutty, can't you write short articles? Use the shift key too.

sittingnut said...

thanks for taking the trouble to post a typical no substance comment. great work!

Anonymous said...

//i think screening for ltte operatives should be expedited and camps should be closed

oh yes when let out LTTE cadres carry out their final orders and blow off buses and trains who would track them down again? Ofcourse elitist right wing bloggers need not worry about these things as they would not be confronted by these incidents. All they care about is their enlightened theories.

sittingnut said...

lets face it.some ltte murderers will get free some time or other and will blow things up occasionally ( btw i don't know about "elitist right wing bloggers ", i would be affected,i was before ltte was defeated by such bombings)
ira splinters in ireland , eta in spain still do that . but they are politically speaking insignificant.

sooner we face this reality the better

their crimes will be horrible and should have to be dealt with in the same way we should deal with all horrible crimes. with no mercy to criminals or their supporters

we should not let them be classed as political actions. or let racist propagandists like groundviews to class them as such.

Anonymous said...


Electra said...

pilrukshi pissunnetti (not to be confused with dilrukshi handunnetti)
shamtvi boiled (not to be confused with sharmini boyle)
assman pathsekera (not to be confused with lakshman gunasekera)
balaka gandawardene (not to be confused with nalaka gunawardene)
screech scroor (not to be confused with shreen saroor)'

Truly mature.

sittingnut said...

anon @10/19/2009 9:02 am:
thanks for that constructive criticism. you were bored to death i am sure

you expected this kind of post to be "mature" (whatever that means)? lol

Anonymous said...

lib·er·tar·i·an n. 1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state. 2. One who believes in free will.

Let the critics and logics flow but don't attack others personally. Whatever they do is their individual rights and free will too.

sittingnut said...

that is faulty logic on your part.
imo ppl do have a right to exercise their free will in whatever way they want, only limitation is that they do not stop others from enjoying the same right.
so if person X supports a cause for some reason and person Y disagrees, Y is free to criticize X, including on a personal level. that is not against libertarian participles. ( as long as X is not prevented from defending if needed)
of course irrelevant personal attacks are probably counter productive for Y's argument . ( but that is a different issue and has nothing to do with conforming to libertarian participles)

now if i made irrelevant personal attacks do specify.
i do believe that it is best and honest to criticize a "cause", as well as ppl who freely choose believe in it, esp if it involves political and moral issues.

Anonymous said...

Here is a conspiracy theory that will truly shock you.

SNUT and Elctra happen to lovers ?

Whenever one does a blog post that other comes along and gives it a fair bit of dissing.

oooh, they hate each other so much !!!!!!

That kind of attraction sure is stuff for chick lit/flick.

Perhaps the chick lit lot[RD, TMS/ Gypsy] need to look in to this rom com for inspiration.

sittingnut said...

i am not going to honor the above silliness with a reply
obviously above commenter has very little experience in real world or real ppl, and live in a fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Electra and Stinging Nuts as lovers??

Nah... If stinging nuts was getting any action he wouldn't be coming up with such crap still.

sittingnut said...

at least above comment was less silly than one before (by the same anon ). at this rate this anon may get to normal troll joker level in about a month.

seriously the aim of this anon (almost certainly a certain self loathing sucker boy of indi or sanjana ) is to denigrate and distract from what is hurtful to those two in the post.

Anti Assholes said...

Do you read Indi Padashow's Partcile 14 & Sanjana Huththotuwa's governance crap on sunday leader, i mean the paper with no editorial policy let alone a proper editor ? Hilarious to say the least.

Last week's particle 14 is all about "I love scratching my own butt" by Indi Padashow who blogs at and If you don't know why we call him Indi Padashow, don't bother, its a long story but suffice to say its to do with Indi Samarajiva's split personality disorders. Apparently Padashow Indi doesn't have a real job. He calls himself a BOGGER. What is that job?

Ofcourse Lirneasia ( is a Profitable NGO business that employs Rohan Samarajiva, His wife Sujatha and ofcourse Indi as Web Admin. Its a family business so perhaps Padashow can survive. Plus other donor funds.

As for Sanjana Huththotuwa, I don't think that minion is worthy of any mention by me. He's an NGO business moghul whose NGO empire dream was shattered on May 18th 2009. This idiot has no job other than trolling online at groundviews. He suffers a superiority complex that make him come up with false web stats from time to time. We can only pitty this sad character. Poor soul indeed.

As for other idiotic judges mentioned, well, they are just assholes, especially that Pissunetti "kella". She just got ass raped by me. Take it from me.

Sorry for commenting anonymously, but i don't maintain a bog like Indi Padashow and Sanjana NGO business magnet.

Anti Assholes

Anonymous said...

Has come to an all time low. Making fun out of names of people while remaining anonymous.

sittingnut said...

anti assholes :
maybe you should say all that in a blog of your own ?

anon @ 10/21/2009 1:00 pm :
making fun of names while remaining anonymous? who?
lost for words to disclaim truth of what i said in post, a suckerboy resorts to silly arguments

as pointed out several times in this blog my real name is available to anyone who asks for it. it is also rather easy to find out even without asking me . it was used to attack me in both and sanjana hattotuwa's moju blog . (where were you then?)

quite apart from that, when some ppl lend their names to sanjana hattotuwa's groundviews (follow the links ) for despicable causes they deserves be made "fun" of . don't you agree?
does it matter anyone being anonymous or not when what is said is both legitimate and truthful?

Padashow said...

since you have offered to disclose your name, out of curiosity, what's your holy name darling sweet heart heart ? Now don't dodge OK. Just tell us your name. So many of us love you after all.

Anonymous said...

It looks despicable when one remains anonymous(i don't see your name any where in this blog. who would want to get through all that trouble to know the name of a looser like you?) and make fun of peoples names rather than resort to facts.

Good one. lol. Let's see whether the confused libertarian have any backbone. I am sure he would run away like a dog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!

This wacko was very much a part and parcel of the unpatriotic local NGO community. Maybe still is since there is no way to assert his real name.

I remember fully well how he used to call the president a buffalo and praised Ranil and used to be a UNP henchman. But somewhere along the way he has switched sides and has started to attack his NGO community. Maybe something happened between them which should not concern us what so ever. This wacko should be subjected to the same fate which the unpatriotic NGO community awaits.

sittingnut said...

anon/indi.padshow/suckerboy has gone mad with fury that i speak the truth about indi and sanjana ( above three comments were from same ip)

btw it will take more than suckerboys of indi/sanjana to make me "run away" or prevent me from speaking truth .

notice how these ppl do not dare dispute the truthfulness of this post's facts about indi and sanjana.
they were/are absent in any other place in blogosphere(where those two ppl are not exposed). they materialize out of thin air when indi or sanjana are criticized. they are in other words suckerboys of indi and sanjana , willing to go thorough any humiliation on behalf of their idols
so here is another spanking for them ->>

consumed with irrational fury, that their idols are exposed, they resort to easily refutable stupid lies ( what a surprise!, so indi like ) lol

i continue to use word "buffalo" for president, that has not changed . read. president is in fact a buffalo with all that implies( both favorable and unfavorable ) .

i am for free markets and libertarianism, so i have more in common with traditional unp on that front. my post supporting ranil in presidential election giving specific reasons for doing so is still here . i have never repudiated that. another lie by suckerboys

i attacked peacenik ngos for believing that peace is worth any cost ( even the cost of human rights , justice , democracy or freedom ) and for parroting terrorist propaganda, way before any military action started against terrorists. that has not changed. read archives on the left column here ( as well as in any number of other blogs, peacenik or otherwise ).

my reasoning based on libertarian principles has been constant throughout . causes that i support are are consistent with libertarian principles and i always provided detailed rationale for my support . that is why i never had any need to repudiate any of them .

what i don't do - irrational idolization of personalities, parties or "causes". ( i leave that to ppl like these suckerboys here )

these suckerboys (of ngo peacenik sanjana and fellow traveler indi ) were never against ngo terrorist parrots or were for defeating terrorist with violence if needs be ( as i was ). otherwise they would be able to point to their supporting me when i attacked peaceniks and supported the defeat of ltte, here and elsewhere ,from way before current government started its effort to defeat terrorists
as for my name, it is in plain sight in this blog.

all named ppl in post above, ( or in any other post) who have asked me for the name were provided with it already through email ( including indi and sanjana ) .( in fact it is in one of those emails, later posted here as a jpg, that my name is visible here). so these suckerboys concern for those named is another lie

in the place where i have posted my real name as a jpg, i have also given reasons as to why i will not post it as text/html in this blog

if anyone cannot read it, that bc they don't take the trouble .
if anyone is suffering from lack of basic skills needed find it, they should email me.

and in case of suckerboys here, they did not take the effort ( log reveals no search ) , are too stupid to search even if they want edto , and will lie that don't see it even if they found it.

Padashow said...

Adoh Adoh we can't be bothered Machang. Please Aney.. Just tell your name will you darling? My.. why all this fuss Aney... ?

What is this LIBERTARIAN thing ? Some kind of Mahatma Gandhi you are, aren't you ? LOL LOL !

Anonymous said...

Ran away like a rabbit. So predictable.

sittingnut said...

these comments were deleted bc they contain my name in text format . >>
Girl who raped Sitting nuts said...

I checked. This idiot claims his name is .....
Very likely its not his real name. This mother fucker has no backborn to reveal his name even. Such a mean creature. People please ignore this troll.

10/22/2009 12:14 PM

sittingnut said...

Girl who bit sittingnuts' little dick said...

Oh you... Poor you.. {name)

sittingnut said...

as i said these ppl who are suckerboys of indi padashow and sanajana hattotuwa cannot stand truth about their corrupt idols being exposed so they resort to these tactics .

indi has the padashow blog and sanjana did this at moju . they are follwing their leaders footsteps.

they and their idols cannot stand the truth .

as for my name i will repeat
"all named ppl in post above, ( or in any other post) who have asked me for the name were provided with it already through email ( including indi and sanjana ) .( in fact it is in one of those emails, later posted here as a jpg, that my name is visible here). so these suckerboys concern for those named is another lie

in the place where i have posted my real name as a jpg, i have also given reasons as to why i will not post it as text/html in this blog

The girl who bit sittingnuts' little dick said...

You are sad. all this fuss ? HTML, text that this ? apparently for your NAME ? Mmmm... you are sad. Hope you get well soon.

sittingnut said...

everyone can see who is sad; suckerboys that used above tactics in a silly effort to denigrate the truth of what i said about indi and sanjana,and ....( as everyone can read ) failed miserably
if they are not so sad, they may want to use reason and facts to challenge me . but they can't.

expect them to continue this pointless effort in typical moronic fashion.
god , it always feel great to spank these fools
who is next ?

Anonymous said...

Now has started to edit and delete comments. How pathetic.

sittingnut said...

another comment with with my name in text format >>
Kottu King said...

Oh you (name), i challange you to come out and show your face. Upload your photo. Otherwise i'll kick you off Kottu.

10/22/2009 8:53 PM

sittingnut said...

as everyone can see only thing edited out here was name in text format for reasons explained fully in the place where name is displayed
all the silly insults against me are still there

to repeat , these suckerboys of indi.padashow and sanjana hattotuwa cannot make any rational argument against truthfulness of what i say about their two idols . so they resort to these pathetic tactics .

anyone can judge who is sad here.
they can't even make a good joke against me. lol

may be they get "favors" from their hidden and closeted masters, each time they come here to get humiliated by me.

which sucker will come next to get spanked , in order to get a "favor" from indi?

Anonymous said...

This is sad state of affairs. Its about time people knew who real Indi was. Jackass Indi Samarajiva needs to be exposed brutally. Why aren't you doing it atleast ? Go ahead man. Good luck. I admire your courage to speak against that bastard called Indi Samarajiva

sittingnut said...

there is no need for any "brutality".
i will stick to facts and reason when it comes to indi.padshow and his ilk

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Full of jokes.

sittingnut said...

good to know that my satire works.
esp since i know that jokes to be effective they must have a kernel of truth .

laugh away !

Anonymous said...

Oh you little libertarian.. poor you.. poor you... every great libertarian throughout history had the guts to fight head on. but our little libertarian doesn't even show his real face.. Irony no ? what to do you nameless troll ?

sittingnut said...

lol @ the poor slave suckerboy troll.
he get spanked here every time and goes crying to his hidden and closeted masters indi.padashow and sanjana but they send him back after giving him a "favor " to get spanked again here .
they hope to denigrate the truth about what i said about them here by such tactics. so the slave having neither a brain or an individual identity continues to pay .

this slave sucker is so stupid that he thinks libertarian principles and my face are connected. lol lol

well with ppl like him who have no principles (and serve masters who have no participles), but whose whole personality is consumed in adoration of personalities, that is not surprising. he probably stare at pics of his master all day . lol

Anonymous said...

How cruel and ironic is this ?
A clear display of double standards.

One guy, Nibras bawa gets kicked off because he exposed that RD was Rizza Jazzel. And yet here is another person been harassed because he chooses to remain anonymous.

Why is it so important to know the identity of the blogger ? Does it not go against the very liberal movement of blogging itself ?

Is this not one platform where there is a true egalitarian society ? Why must we try to impose the same rules and regulations and cronism and henchmanship in the blooging world as well.

Surely many of chose this method as we were sick of the family controlled media organizations in Sri Lanka ?

I was under the impression that people who blog are from faily educated backgrounds and liberated enough to respect that we can all agree to disagree and the message is MUCH more important than the messenger.

sittingnut said...

thanks a lot for the comment :-)

i am not strictly anonymous , my name is available as a jpg in this blog . i also give it to anyone who asks for it through email on reciprocal basis
so if anybody has a real grievance about anything i wrote on this blog ( or for any other reason) and want to contact me using my real name, they can .
i just prefer not to publish it online in text/html format due to various reasons i have given or linked to in the same place the name is shown .

as for double standards of indi, that is apparent to anyone who deals with him for any length of time.
imo( i could be wrong) liberalism( in the broad sense ) or education have not much to do with decent behavior. that is a moral choice. of course it is possible that an educated liberal person may choose the morally correct path more often than others. but i personally doubt that due to experience

thank again for the comment. it was a pleasing diversion from others :-)

Anonymous said...

what interested me most was the fact that despite all these advances in technology the basic human nature remains the same.

Here is a medium that my grand father who lived in the village and died some 30 years ago could never even imagine.

But the sentiment he expressed picking up a paper one day is still very much obvious. He said " oh, this paper supports the blue party so that must be why they are saying it in this way".

Here we are 30 years from then a fantastic medium that gives voice to anyone, the most intelligent , wise or the dumbest.

We are still unable to see the message but keep looking for the color of the messenger.

Why do you think that is so?

Why do these "digital natives" still behave as if they were "digital immigrants" ?

We are better than the generations before us. We have every resource that that we need yet we are unable to break away from the images they left in our thinking ?

That is what I would like to find out.

sittingnut said...

i think you got it right when you said human nature remains the same .
that explains why current generation behave more or less similar to the old. differences are most superficial

only the mode of actions and expressions have changed. ( mainly so that more ppl are impacted by each action and expression )
we cannot emigrate outside our basic nature . the word "digital" or any other adjective in front of "man" (/"woman") wont make any difference however much anyone may like it .

why human nature has not changed ?
bc it is a result of millions of years of evolution .
some the things developed over the years in that nature may not fit well with modern social structures and behavior codes ( esp idealized versions of such structures & codes) . but those misfit instincts( if we call them that rather incorrectly ) are there.

of course human nature includes capability to choose courses of action or expressions, using reason and based on some moral values ( some values may also be hard wired through evolution ) .
but that does not mean humans will always be rational and moral ( or even that they 'should' be always rational and moral ). depends on each person's situation and pov.

we can always hope and aim for a rational and moral world, but we cannot force it on others ( or sometimes on ourselves) all the time .
but to repeat , we can aim and hope for rationality and morality( and we should also try to demonstrate superiority of rationality and morality over alternates )

The girl who bit your little dick said...

Oh you L-I-B-E-R-T-A-R-I-A-N Huththa !
Poor you. Poor you. When did Indi expose you with name? Tell us an instance you fool. Be specific. SURANGAna Lokey wage ? Huththa. Keri Huththa !

sittingnut said...

yawn .
the slavish suckerboy of indi.padshow and sanjana hattotuwa still trying to distract the truth of what i said in the post above about his idols using silly (and very indi like ) tactics

fellow is so stupid; he pretends he does not know how to use search function here or elsewhere . even slave boys like him ( even in fantasy land ) can't be that stupid ? lol
let's see whether the fool will come here again and beg me to help him search again

Padashow said...

Jackass answer my question without evading it. When and where did Indi expose you by name? This is the real test of your intergrity you jackass suri.

sittingnut said...

how foolish can this suckerboy of closeted indi be ?
his efforts to distract from undisputed and indisputable truth of what i said in this blog post about indi and sanjana by these silly tactics, only give additional proof that he is a suckerboy of indi doing just that

(btw he pretends to be padashow in order to vainly falsify the fact that indi is the major part of padashow wordpress blog and only one who really deserve the name padashow )
to non fools:
as the suckerboy knows very well( and tries to exploit thinking that everyone is a fool like him) i am not going to link to indi.padshow's disgusting attacks against me that used my real name in text format

anyone who wants and has any intelligence can easily search blog and see where the despicable attacks were made. they can also search through google and access the google cache of it

nice guy said...

I did try to search for your evdence on Indi.Padashow at this link

Couldn't see anything concrete other than your accusation. May be i am wrong, but i genuinely need to know the real reasons why you call him Padashow. Please help. I need this for real reasons. I hate him too.

nice guy

sittingnut said...

log indicate that you are the same suckerboy who was posting silly comments in defense of indi.padshow above. so your claim of not finding evidence adverse to him only deserve laughter.

as i said to one of you in an earlier thread, if you don't have the intelligence or inclination to find the easily available evidence here or elsewhere for identifying indi of with padashow of padashow wordpress blog don't believe that.

it is not a good idea to rely on a hate first,evidence second, strategy.
evidence must always come before conclusions and emotions, for latter to be justifiable .

and i will repeat again what i said about these suckerboys and their comments , they and their tactics are aimed at trying to distract attention from the truth about what i said in teh main post about indi.padshow and sanjana hattotuwa and their attitudes and writings on the subject of idp camps.

i think it it is significant and should be noticed by for all observers that these defenders of indi and sanjana are fixated on tangent subjects like my real name or padashow( all dealt with in other posts exhaustively ) rather than on the content of this post and what it says about indi.padshow's and sanjana's comments and attitudes about the subject at hand here.

they know that they cannot challenge what i said in the post about those two, hence their reverting to subjects that were dealt elsewhere and which can be easily found by anyone with intelligence and a real inclination.

not indi samarajiva said...

Pakaya. You should get over your padashow obsession with me.

sittingnut said...

as long as hypocrite indi is using and maintaining and padshow.wordpress blogs he will be called indi.padashow. why not? :-)

this post is about idp camps, and terrorist propaganda. it also covers indi.padshow, sanjana hattotuwa, and their ilk's ridiculous attitudes and writings about the issue . i am certainly obsessed to a certain extent about that.
everyone can see that indi.padashow' defenders ( making silly comments about tangent subjects here) are unable challenge me on that count

Schmindi Samueljeevz said...

Padashow is Electra aka Subha who bogs at you fool. She's Asvajit's keep. I got their Bikini photos on my bog at Aney i'm not Padashow man. Trust me will you Suri.

sittingnut said...

everyone now clearly see to what disgusting lengths indi.padashow's suckerboys go to deny that he runs padashow.wordpress blog.

in any case whole effort of these fools aimed at distracting from the uncontested truth about what i said in the main post here regarding ridiculous statments and attitudes of indi.padshow and sanjana hattotuwa about idp camps.

Schmindi said...

Ok i agree, i am Padashow Indi. So what now? Want to kill me? I'll cut your penis into two, sun dry the cut piece, soak it in salt and vinegar and have during next drinking session. You like to join me my friend Suri? Pakaya. Ponnaya. keri huththa.

sittingnut said...

following comments ( from same ip as one above) deleted/edited bc of my name in text format . on name issue see above
Not Indi said...

[name] pakaya. people note this idiot's name, [name]
10/24/2009 7:03 PM

Not Indi said...

reading some old books on austro-prussian war and franco-prussian war. #history. lol.. lol..

no matter what you read, your silly little brain won't grasp anything. don't waste time [name]

sittingnut said...

lol @the foolish suckerboy still trying to distract from truth of what i said in the post regarding indi .padashow and sanjana hattotuwa.

fact that he spend considerable time posting comments in another person's blog on a subject that concern not him but defending indi.padshow and sanjana hattotuwa using silly tactics says lot about his life and his slavish fixations .
fellow even pretends to be padashow sometimes lol . in other words his slavishness and complete lack of individuality extends being a fake of a fake.

imagine the torture of being parents or relatives of this person ( as for non relatives, he obviously cannot have friends, only masters ). and imagine if him married ( arranged of course ) . let us hope for her sake that his wife cuckolded him during the honeymoon
lol @ the fool , his relatives and his wife .

as readers may guess from above i now have a pretty good idea who this suckerboy of indi is .

sittingnut said...

deleted /edited bc of name
Not Indi said...

Er.. fakaya fakaya [name].

10/24/2009 11:58 PM

lol@cuckold fool of indi.padashow

Anonymous said...

This is like the uneducated ,kasipu drinking people who live in the slums, who throw filth at their neighbours when all else fails. Where is the moderation by Kottu on this blog ?
SNUT, I think, in future it would be good if you can delete all these nonsense as it only clouds the issue that you are blogging about.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the comment

you are right that exchanges like above does cloud the issue .
but i believe the in freedom expression and right and (in case of most) ability of readers to judge and select from all povs ( even stupid and disgusting ones) .

i also don't believe that anyone should delete or "moderate " by unilateral force anything unless there is a solid substantiated case of violation of rights ( such as right to privacy ) . otherwise the limits of deletion/moderation becomes subjective and arbitrary and no different from censorship.

of course ppl are free to do whatever they want (including censor) in their private property(including blogs). i choose not to .

for the record, i don't believe in stereotyping, and i don't think education, or preference for a particular type of alcoholic drink, or where one lives, have much to do with person's freely chosen mode of expression.

thank you very mush again for the comment and opportunity to clarify my policy on comments here

Mango said...

You should have a look at the Amnesty Int'l blog and read the 'writings' of their SL expert, Jim Mcdonald. I've been banned from commenting further for unspecified offences. Interestingly, myself and other anti-LTTE commenters have made the same points you've made, again and again, but AI are like a stuck record. Most of my comments have been 'suppressed' by the Eelamists.

But most interesting of all is the glimpse into the AI mindset. Truly appalling.

sittingnut said...

thanks for comment and link

typical of these peacenik ngos, and "usuful idiot "types to ban ppl they don't agree with.
they cannot win an argument against facts . so resort force . and then try to cover that with silly unspecific excuses.
amnesty international is particularly bad in this regard .remember their despicable attack against sri lankan cricket team during 2007 world cup? they were not much better than the terrorists who attacked the team in pakistan this year

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sittingnut said...

following anon comment was left by the same person who was trolling above . deleted/edited bc of the name as before
Anonymous said...

Hey did you hear we're lynching Tamils now. We've started with the mentally disabled ones because they're easier. The rest will follow. [name] you will enjoy it. Come along for the next one.

10/30/2009 11:52 PM

clearly this suckerboy of indi.padshow and sanjana hattotuwa seem to enjoy lynching if breathlessness of his comment is anything to go by .
thankfully what he says is false, as always . he will have to satisfy himself with his ordinary miserable life. no doubt he will try enliven it again by trolling here again

Indi Samarajiva's alter ego said...

Above link is testimony to my good reputation noh? Why sittingnuts? What is this meya ? Always trolling and blaming me. OK i'm padashow indi but can't you see my suckerboys like the one above think otherwise? I'm blessed. Who would have this many Ass kissers as i do noh ? Anyway sittingnuts, have a look at that post. I enjoy the way Viceunversa kisses my burnt ass.

sittingnut said...

lol now the fool is reduced to posting suckerboy testimonials for indi.padashow.

next you will post his father's resume working for government ? or the company and job description that he got as a result of his father's influence ?

i don't care if you want to be a sucker or not. some ppl including you probably are born like that.

do you have anything to challenge the truth of what i said in the post or elsewhere about indi.padashow and sanjana hattotuwa? no. that is clear from your comments.


Anonymous said...

Nutty - that is so cute!!!

Yours truly - come on send me your email and phone number it's about time we had a chat.

Ashanti/your very own Wolf Mother

sittingnut said...

if you are ashanthi you already know them.
my email is in profile page in any case.