Sunday, October 01, 2006

firefox 2 release candidate 1

firefox 2 rc1 came out last week. above is a screen shot with this blog in it (click to enlarge). they hope to have the final release by end of this month (october).

new features include, spell checking for web forms, website ‘microsummaries’, phishing protection, enhanced tabbed browsing, extension management, and search engine support.

i installed on friday. so far so good. main problem for me was that most of the extensions (i had about 15 installed and use several extensively) and themes are incompatible. i had to tinker with rdf files manually to get them to work. however i think most people do not use extensions, so will not have any problems. besides original extension developers will probably release compatible versions during this month.


Mahisha said...

You would not believe the trouble i went to, to try and get firefox installed at my office - looks like i am going to have to wait until IE comes up with its cheap imitation of firefox (minus the extentions...)
Would you mind uploading a screen shot of the extensions you use?
At the moment i use: adbloc, tabbroswer preferences.... at the previous employers place, i used re-load every some tab....

Cannot believe i am not allowed to use firefox at my office.....
Its like riding a cart, when someone gives you a BMW for free, with the fuel and maitenence...

Anonymous said...

The reason, Mahisha, is security. In Windows network environment, certain security restrictions are enforced, through a mechanism called Windows domains(Domain controllers, Active Directory, etc incl.)
Security policies are set to control many or all activities of the workstation users and this includes web browsing (to see why this is important, try to imagine a user downloading a virus infected file, thinking it's a multimedia codec.

Security policies set on the active directory are well supported by the Internet Explorer browser which is tightly integrated to Windows itself. Firefox, on the other hand, does not include such features. For this reason, the Administrators of a Windows network environment do not allow users to install Firefox browser.

But I agree whole-heartedly with your comparison of the BMW and the cart.

The Network Administrator

Chaar~Max said...

IE maybe tightly integrated with Windows and complay with the restrictions, but people dont realize the threats and loop holes in IE itself.

IE is by far the most attacked browser ever. Therefore your better off using Firefox than anything else. That alone is a securiy measre. Adding the security extension like "NoScript", "Cookie Safe" are just icing on the cake.

PRan said...

Well I use lots of Firefox extensions,
Fasterfox, NOscript, ScrapBook, Firebug, to name a few.
Hope they will have newer versions to run on new Firefox

Keshi said...

New releases with extra oomph ha :)

u've been quiet..wussup?


Anonymous said...

Keshi has fallen for this nutcase ;)

All the best to the two of you.

Keshi said...

To the faceless idiot above:

****Keshi has fallen for this nutcase ;)
All the best to the two of you.

that comment suggests that u r the one who needs alot of blessings and well-wishes. Cos u sound like a total judgmental idiot.


ashanthi said...

where are you machan?

Hey Keshi - long time no speak.

Keshi said...

heyy Ashanthi hows u? Miss u guys!


ashanthi said...

Hi Keshi - yes well I might not like the opinions you guys have (you & s/nut) but i do get a bit worried when I don't hear from you both.

Thanks for responding Kesh. Hope s/nut is ok. I sometimes think he is a man caught in a deliberately set trap and being used for ends he does not know.

I have asked s/nut for help occasionally and he has been a steadfast friend. So - when I don't hear from him or Morq for that matter - it worries me.

As I say - i think s/nut's politics and attitude to the Tamil situation in S/L is harsh at best and blind aat worse - but so is this the case Keshi with you.

So long as everyone devotes their attention to the ltte - people will die and evil racist so called "Sinhalese" politicians will rule the day. It's there excuse to keep the country in its state of terror.

I loathe them they have destroyed our most beautiful and peaceful country and they have every intention of ruining us all forever. They want more hatred so that they can steal more from us and kill more of us. They call it Buddhism. Hah - what a joke.

I do hope you Keshi & s/nut will one day rise above the monologue of focusing on the ltte and start focusing on Tamils. Stop treating them with contempt and start showing them some compassion.

In the meantime Keshi - if you do hear from s/nut - let me know.