Sunday, August 21, 2005

first post explanation

hello! this is my first blog.

while browsing through the sri lankan blogs i found that a large proportion of them are maintained by people with left wing sympathies. this was very surprising to me in that i expected younger people(most of bloggers in sri lanka are below 25) brought up on the internet would not have anything to do with all but dead socialist theories. well i was wrong, most blogers were no different from the traditional media elite and the so called intelligentsia whose heart and for the most part the mind had always remained marxist.

but i know that the silent majority of ordinary people have no sympathy with those ideas, which have more or less helped to stagnate sri lanka's economy for the past 50 years, after all even the jvp now relies on its chauvinist platform to get votes, rather than on its supposed marxism.

i have always believed one should challenge these shibboleths whenever they are advanced in order to break enervating intellectual monopoly that seems to prevail in sri lanka. this is my attempt to do that online.

if anybody is wondering what the hell is a libertarian :

1) from,

  1. one who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
  2. one who believes in free will.

2) from wikipedia .

here is libertarian faq.


critical said...

First of all I wish you good luck with your blog. I just read the statement(or the comment) you left. I really appreciate it if you could explain what is reality and what is your analysis on the present situation and Kadiragamar. I always welcome logical explainations and arguements: not statements

indi said...

yes, welcome. I'm also of the opinion that left-wing policies have brought nothing but corruption and poverty to Sri Lanka, and I find it strange that people still espouse them.

Statist Marxism is an experiment that's tried and failed in China, India, Sri Lanka etc, and it's strange that many bloggers don't realize that.

Even as a strict Marxist one would say that Sri Lanka has to build a significant economic base to support socialism, and the only way to build that economy is through the historical stage of capitalism.

But anyways, welcome.

LG said...

Yes, Indi, I'm totally agaist "Statist Marxism." It is not a practical thing at all. I'm for what Marx taught> That is international socialism. What we saw in China, india and sri lanka has nothing to do with marxism. We all must fight against that stupid version of nationalism. It's an utter failure!

LG said...

Quote: "Even as a strict Marxist one would say that Sri Lanka has to build a significant economic base to support socialism, and the only way to build that economy is through the historical stage of capitalism."

Indi, Socialist would never argue for an "economic development in Sri Lanka". That is not socialism. For a socialist, question goes beyond the national limits. Because socialism is[essentially] an international phenomena. Sri Lanka's socialism will build with the "support " of the economic base of world economy. No national agenda is valid for socialism anymore.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the good wishes.

critical: i posted a 'explanation' in your blog.

indi, critcal (lohan): marxists were forced to abandon marx's ' historical stage of capitalism' long ago. it is significant that all the countries where their 'revolution'( usually a sort of coup by a small group) succeeded, capitalism was in its infancy. of course they build elaborate theories to disguise this.

johns weber said...

The owner of this blog should try to write only about things he knows.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the advice. i won't blog about you because i don't know you. so dont't worry your secret is safe.

Luxman Siri said...

Great, Lets liberate the socalled socialist who believes in ideological rhetoric and state intervention.

Chandare said...

Great to have you blogging!

Electra said...

sittingnut : you've already got all the right people paying attention. :) indi, lohan and chandare are names i see often when there is a debate (usually with political content) going on... you will have great readership, whether people log on to trash you or to agree with you (either way, its always fun), this is the kind of blog that will automatically get people involved.

good luck, good to have you blogging. :)

indi said...

Oh fuck you electra!

sittingnut said...

thanks to every body again for good wishes.
i don't think comment just above was posted by indi.
see here

but i am not going to delete it. every body is free to comment, but please don't use other ppls names.