Thursday, July 10, 2008

will government use strike to rationalize public service?

if government has any sense it should use tomorrow's jvp and unp organized labor strike to get rid of lot of free loaders in the sri lankan public service.

sri lankan public service, overstaffed, corrupt, and wasteful, is a strain on the budget and thus on the economy. due to various legal and political reasons, governments have failed to retrench and rationalize it.

this strike offers a golden opportunity to do so, both politically and legally. government should make full use of it.

however given present government's leftist views that is unlikely, imo. pity.


Anonymous said...

Fire them all? HA!

Anonymous said...

Strike is only for a day

Jack Point said...

This government is all about adding to the public service-some 250,000 or 300,000 since 2005.

sittingnut said...

jack point:
i think your figures are false. cite your sources.
public service employment is large but it has not being growing by that much.

Jack Point said...

This has a reference

A week or so ago MR was on the radio (SLBC) claiming he had added 700,000 jobs, which I think is an exaggeration.

Govt is saying a wage hike of 5000 will cost 7000m which puts the public sector 1.4m.

sittingnut said...

you believe bandula gunwardena now? lol
you need to cite better sources than the words of a politician.
yes public service is 1 million plus did i dispute that . you have to cite a credible source for your claimed increase.

fact is even the much ballyhooed unemployed graduate employment scheme did not amount much more than few thousand. and that was with cbk
if government really did provide employment for that much people in public sector they would not confine that to a isolated statement.

btw buffalo's figure probably tak credit for all employment not just public sector . which would be in line with normal increase in 3 years.

get your facts straight first.