Tuesday, May 15, 2007

new icc cricket committee packed full of sri lankans

sri lankan cricketers' professionalism and the respect they generate can be gaged from the make up of international cricket council's newly constituted cricket committee, which will meet for the first time on 30th and 31st may in dubai.

there are 3 sri lankan captains (mahela jayawardene, duleep mendis, ranjan madugalle) in the 13 member panel, as well as recently resigned sri lankan coach tom moody. committee also includes four australians (including moody) and two west indians. others are from different countries. of course sri lankans are not there to represent sri lanka as such; they represent various interest groups in cricket (see below as to who is representing who). before this reconstitution, committee was made up of the nominated representatives from "each of the full members (boards and players) and leading associate members".

according to icc "the remit of the icc cricket committee is to discuss and consult on any cricket-playing matters and to formulate recommendations" "relating to cricket-playing matters to the icc chief executives' committee (cec)".

the committee:

chairman - sunil gavaskar (former india captain and opening batsman and icc cricket world cup winner in 1983)

past players (2) - ian bishop (former west indies fast bowler) and mark taylor (ex-australia captain)

representatives of current players (2) - mahela jayawardene (sri lanka captain; kumar sangakkara, the sri lanka wicketkeeper-batsman, was the original nominee for this position but he is unavailable due to commitments playing county cricket in the uk) and tim may (ex-australia off-spinner, icc cricket world cup winner in 1987 and now chief executive officer of the federation of international cricketers' associations)

full member team coach representative (1) - tom moody (former sri lanka coach)

member board representative (1) - duleep mendis (former sri lanka captain and now slc chief executive)

umpires' representative (1) - simon taufel (member of the emirates elite panel and named umpire of the year three times in a row at the icc awards)

referees' representative (1) - ranjan madugalle (icc chief match referee and former sri lanka captain)

marylebone cricket club representative (1) - keith bradshaw (took over as the mcc's secretary and chief executive in october 2006 in succession to roger knight; former first-class cricketer for tasmania in australia. mcc is the custodian of the laws of cricket)

statistician (1) - david kendix (a statistician/scorer and the man responsible for the creation and development of the lg icc test and odi championships and nominated by the icc to sit on the committee)

media (1) - michael holding (former west indies fast bowler and now part of the commentary team for sky sports in the uk)

associate representative (1) - craig wright (former scotland captain)


Anonymous said...

Good. But 'packed full'?

Anonymous said...

having 3 SL members in a 13 member committee means packed full?

sittingnut said...

i grant that 3/13 is small in absolute terms. but as pointed out in the post , compared to other countries it isn't.

Anonymous said...

2/13 from the West Indies (much smaller nations even when aggregated together) - so it must be super-packed full of them then.

sittingnut said...

if you want to call it that pl do.
but did i say anything about population? i was comparing no of sri lankans with no of members from other countries in the committee.
may be if you calm down and read before writing comments you would make more intelligent comments. if you prefer not to do that, you are free to continue and write a fourth comment in the same theme.

N said...

err...why does the MCC have a rep? Am I missing something here?

N said...

err...ignore that...brain freeze:)