Wednesday, January 11, 2006


i was busy, very very busy, for the last few days . even though i missed out as a result on some probably more important personal matters, fact remains i love what i become during such periods.

when i live through a time like that, all my energies and abilities become focused on a very specific gaol goal that is only available to me and to me only, and in some cases even visible only to me. there is nothing quite like the feeling one achieves in the midst of that kind and level of concentration. i literally go without sleep and food, not because i do not have time for sleep or food, rather i lose my ability to sleep and all appetite. in fact i sometimes throw up what i force myself to eat (though this is rare and did not happen last time), and it is clear my body do need the sleep, after i finished it yesterday i slept for almost twelve hours straight in my working cloths.

deep down i know that the objective really does not matter (in the last case it was quite unimportant either financially or otherwise) and i have lived through the ultimate disappointment after all that effort without much grief (last case was however most such efforts :-) )

in fact i am feeling rather restless today after all that excitement and am finding it hard getting used to normal routine tasks or even to sit still. it is next to impossible to focus my mind at the moment, as a result this post is taking ages to write.

it is not like i do not enjoy lazy holidays and the like. last christmas i spent a week doing almost nothing and enjoying myself immensely but that was not really me. yesterday was me.

do other people feel like this ? am i pathetic ? or crazy ? or both together?

to tell you the truth i really do not care. though people i came in to contact would have very different ideas, i know what i was in last three days or any such period, was me at my best, at least to myself . i would not give up that for anything in this world, i love myself too much for that


Keshi said...

hey u finally got it posted :) great work!

So u love being busy? awww....I knwo what u's great to do something and keep urself occupied...but I would like some play too ;-) I mean I cant work work work and not have breaks in between...actually I like more breaks lol! I work rather fast and efficiently so I have ample time to rest...lets say I play alot lol!

U slept in ur work clothes and w.o. dinner? this is not good day it will all catch catch up and it wont be too good for ur dun think Im trying to be a smart ass and tell u what to have to take care of ur self na..

**do other people feel like this ? am i pathetic ? or crazy ? or both together?

nope ur not pathetic..just a tad too busy :):) I should teach u some techniques to be less!

** would not give up that for anything in this world, i love myself too much for that

thats great...u should do what u like...and believe in urself and most of all, love urself for who u r...who cares what others have to say abt u...:)

Huggggggz and have dinner tonight ok :)


Keshi said...

And it's great to see a post abt urself than politics...well done!


Anonymous said...


ddm said...

hehe total opposite here. if i could spend the rest of my life doing sod all, i couldn't be happier. but then a bit of work is also not all bad, but i hate being busy. being busy does however tend to bring out the best in me, an hour ago i got back a paper that i did over 2 days (though i had 4 weeks to do it) and got surprisingly good comments. im quite sure it wouldnt have been anywhere near as good had i spent 4 weeks labouring over it.

ashanthi said...

hey s/nut - aren't we demanding - there you are working your heart out AND ( :-)) couldn't resist) enJOYing youself & what do we want - more, more posts, more blogs, more comments, more, more, more

ddm - if you want to know exactly what your attitude to work is - tell me your star sign & I'll give you a little synopsis.

Hiya Keshi - I know we don't want to deal with the moronic state of affairs in SL - but it's our people & we care about them - deeply. So we write blog after blog about it. I think s/nut, morq & a few other's insights are really important with respect to understanding how our generation think/feel & contemplate politics. The blog gives us all an opportunity to talk with each other when we might never have spoken all our lives.

I may not agree with all of you all of the time but I've enjoyed getting to know you, albeit at arms length & across cyberspace - tremendously.

null said...

Hey there... I just wanted to say Hello and thanks for visiting my earlier site and commenting, I appreciate your comments (and Keshi and Ashanthi)
Do drop by my new site, when you have time


ivap said...

sittingnut - know the feeling but it's been a while and I'm missing that feeling these days.

Also, I usually focus of my goals and try to stay away from the gaol :)

sittingnut said...

thanks for advice. yes someday it will all catch up with me. someday.
so far i am ok. :-)

I should teach u some techniques to be less busy
haha when will you start?

great to see a post abt urself than politics
well actually not long ago, i used to leave rather trollish comments in other ppls blogs(not yours) when they wrote personal posts.

and yes i ate dinner yesterday :-)

ddm :
i understand what you mean about the paper.

how was your holidays?

it's ok. you are free to demand more i don't mind .

So we write blog after blog about it
hmmmm. when did you write last time now?

if ppl agreed all the time it would be boring as hell. there would not be war for instance :-)

hello to you too and you are welcome.

thanks for the correction though i might end up in gaol too. :-) i am sure there are few other errors there.

Keshi said...

**haha when will you start?

Goshh I thought I started that long time like u havent even noticed :(


sittingnut said...

well that's the best kind of teaching. letting students learn without being aware :-)

Keshi said...

hehe yep yep :)


ddm said...

sittingnut - holidays were exceedingly good. unfortunately all good things must come to an end, back in londres now :(

ashanthi - umm i'm a mesha (the ram) according to the sri lankan thing and taurus according to the western thing.

ashanthi said...

thanks dude - i think I am very demanding of you all actually. Used to be Morq - I mean he was very tolerant - I was just an Anon after all. Then Ivap looked after me for a bit and fortunately Yaroo stepped in when Morq went away. Without her there would not have been any Bloggers Peaceplan. Now it's S/nut & Keshi.

I'm sorry but you know how isolated I feel & stuff - so I do appreciate the contact.

ashanthi said...

heyyy ddm - well I can't profess to know much about the old Hindu star sign thing. But I know Taureans very well. Being a Libran we are ruled by Venus so when she's happy we're both happy together.

My Dad was a Taurean & I am actually surrounded by them. For example, I had dinenr with a couple who are both Taurean last night & yep - guess what, had dinenr with a couple who are both Taurean tonight.

Actually , you know, I might go as far as to say that Taureans really like me :-)

Errr - I might add, that Taureans should not go out with each other & both couples' realtionships are in trouble.

Btw - Aries precedes Taurus in the Greek astrology system. The complex thing about Hindu astrology is that we only have 8 signs as opposed to 12.

sittingnut said...

ashanthi :
you are not at all demanding :-)

btw do you really believe in the stuff (astrological. stuff i mean)?
they can be quite damaging to ppl in a country like sri lanka. i know woman friend who was not allowed to marry her fiancé for almost 8 years until she was past her twenties by both set of parents bc of something or other in her horoscope, which said her husband will die if she marry during that bad(?) period. and of course this being sri lanka and they being very conservative that meant no sex. even ignoring that, think about all the things they could have had during that period as a couple, what a waste! they are married now but ....really!

ashanthi said...

s/nut - re astrology, yes I know all about the stupid way it's used - not just in SL - but within the Hindu culture (which in this sense includes Buddhist culture) the way the match-makers manipulate things is just tragic.

dude - on this one we are together. You know me I would never advocate that sort of thing. But I continue to study astrology & look for patterns. It is something that every ancient culture has as a belief system. A bit like all the great religons of the world - their fundamentals are well founded, interpretation a bit like the so called cease-fire agreement in SL is upto mere men.

And mere men let me tell you should NOT be running our country or the world.

Errr... ps, Chandrika & her mother were not real women - they were merely pawns of their various boyfriends at any given time.

Re the "Keshi" comment below - that's not Keshi - if it is - well I'll eat hat.

ashanthi said...

oi anon above - know what - I used to be an anon - you're not even a proper anon - we've checked out who you are & you are soooooo boring that it's not even worth leaving silly imature gramatically incorrect comments for you.

good luck with your obsession with keshi - you obviously know her & I'm sure she's completely dissed you so you have to carry on like a total loser twat... just be careful you don't get caught out one day at work -

I've sacked an idiot like you for absuing the internet at work - she too was pretty young - given the size of company we were & the prominence of our brand name, her future job prospects have remained rather dreary & lucklustre...

careful - the world is a very, very small place

sittingnut said...

ashanthi thanks!
i am on holiday and away from home on account of long weekend here.

just dropped in for a minute and what do i find! the keshi's impostor.

even though i will not delete anything else here, i will delete the impostor as he pretend to be some one else.

if anyone needs who needs more than the general filth and stupidity of the impostor to recognize it, check profile link in the comment.
real keshi's profile is
impostor is

a quick check in the log showed that the anon just above is the same it will also get deleted
here is impostor's ip details
ip address-
country- india
isp-bses telecom limited
browser- ms ie 6.0
o/s -ms windows xp

sittingnut said...

some body just learned to use some twobit anonymous service like a coward, forgetting that in the internet nothing is quite secret and every thing can be traced (anon loser, don't believe everything those ppl say, you are now marked )

an indian loser will remain a indian loser no matter how hard the moron tries to hide.

sittingnut said...

thanks for the compliment yes i know how to kick butt esp ppl like you.
but imposters comment are not allowed
trolls are allowed

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ashanthi said...

errr actually you idiot I'm probably younger than you are.

Don't you dare call me a racist - you're the shit stirrer that started the whole thing with s/nut with your pathetic racist remark about Sri Lankan cricketers - we've been watching you since then. You're as much an anon as you are an imposter.

In fact I think its great that you've left Keshi alone for all this time - I think Sittingnut & I have you well & truly skinned.

For the record on the matter of cricket - my cousin knew Donald Bradman very well. He was what you call a real cricketer. You wouldn't know the first thing about cricket & that would be because it is a gentleman's game. So don't think you are in any position to talk cricket with me.

The Sri Lankan team does not have billions of dollars spent on it. We are a war torn country & yet we put that aside & play the game. You think it's appropriate to mock & snigger at us whilst people are suffering & dying daily. Well - I hope that everyone that reads this knows what you are all about know.

You think you can put the Sri Lankan cricket team to vent your racist views about Sri Lankans. Look in the mirror.

Sittingnut - new post please : -)

sittingnut said...

i will probably post something soon, though can't promise as i am busy.

btw i will continue to delete this impostor.
so no use in answering the moron, i will delete my own comments in reply to it after a while.

as you know i usually tolerate normal run of trolls or anon nutters, and will continue to do so.
but this one is real sicko and suffer from more than the usual insecurity of anon nutters
a look at the fake profile and fake blog maintained by the loser shows that.
he belongs in a mental hospital where i am sure he will eventually end up.

ashanthi said...

fair enough s/nut - delete, delete, delete ... i really couldn't be bothered visiting his blogweb etc - but i just thought everyone should know how this ridiculous SL vs India started - given the schmakoo is calling us racist...

Hey good to hear you are busy - new blog when you can - what's are motto for today

once a nutter - always a nutter :-)

sittingnut said...

once a impostor, never a person :-) just an sick animal

yes it would be a waste of time to visit the loser's profile. etc. it is just a cut and paste job from keshi's profile. looks the same, better visit the original.
that a former human being thinks it necessary to do all that daily cut and paste of whatever is in keshis blog, to it's own fake non blog, indicate that this one is a real sicko not a ordinary nutter or troll.
anyway it will end up in a mental hospital sooner or later.

Keshi said...

omahgosh what alot has been happening in my absence! IM so sorry Sittingnut that this loser is attacking u now just cos we r friends...

Im so sorry that my friends have to put up with this dumbo just cos he/she has an eternal jealousy with me.

Sittingnut and Ashanthi, Im truly sorry that u too had to deal with this idiot that has been harassing me for more than a year...I know who this person is now...many of my other friends have tracked this person and have given me details. But no point addressing a fly that has no place in society. So lets just dismiss it's sorry existence.

In the meantime, just ignore this low-class gutter worm that no one pays attention to anyways...


Keshi said...

lol Ashanthi...not that this person will end up in a mental hospital...he/she is already accessing the net from there. How can such an insane bimbo walk ard freely in the society? So yeah, he/she is either behind bars already or in some shitty Mumbai psycho hospital.


sittingnut said...

keshi you have done nothing wrong. this 'bimbo' is made that way.
don't worry about it, internet is full of it's kind, we know how to handle it

Keshi said...

what d u think...shall we call up her boss and tell all abt her? Give the IP Address and sue her for virtual harassment?


ashanthi said...

heyyyy Keshi - how are you - missed you :-( but no s/nut & i happy to give you're imposters a run for their money.

Must say - they are rather boring as nutter anon's go.

Actually this whole thing really blew up when after one of their stupid imposter remarks I said i would eat hat if that was the real Keshi.

Anyway - s/nut's really busy so we'll have to look around for a new post. Hmmmm .... errr.. yeah yeah yeah - I'm working on it :-)


ohhh i lurve using capitals s/nut just can't resit sometimes ohhh sorry :-(((

no really - us sri lankans have got to learn to stick together...

Keshi said...

Hey Ashanthi huggggggggz!


Loved it! We have to stick together yes...I have nothing against Indians but this person always brings up racist comments just to get us dun be fooled by her/his foolish attempts to divide ppl and make u all look like racists. Cos he/she is the real racist and that too a real dumb one lol!

Hey Sittingnut now be a good lad and post a new post plz :)

Thanks Ashanthi u just rock...u got the losers from their neck hahahahaha!